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Yantra Pyramid Energy

The wonderful ‘secrets’
of our nature!

Dive into a world where the wonders of nature reveal the esoteric to health, energy,
and vibrant living. It’s in the true power of being one with all that is.

Check Mark

Create with Life

You can have it all. In our world, this is not always easy, yet it is possible! It calls for being open and letting go of what no longer serves you.

Shri Yantra

Align with Nature

You don’t have to be in nature to tune in to nature. It is everywhere! Especially in the unknown. Align with your true nature and watch life unfold.

Thunderbolt Energy

Play with Energy

You are so powerful. Do you have any idea? There is so much you can do to deepen your power. Energy is power, just tap into it and press play!

Products to align with nature
Energy Frequency and Vibration


Resonance is the harmonious combination of energy, frequency & vibration that creates the rhythm of life. The more you resonate with its true essence and thus yourself, the deeper your sense of life becomes and the higher your state of consciousness will be.


Well-being is defined as an expanding sense of purpose and meaning in life. It’s the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity in a way that is in line with the higher intelligence by which your four bodies communicate and interact.

Health Nature Products
ChanTee's Studio - About

We only sell what we love using ourselves

Fueled by our love for these products, we could no longer keep these gems to ourselves. That is why we were driven to source the exact items for you because we care too much about your wellbeing.

More In-depth Information

Copper Yantra Pyramid
Copper Sri Yantra Pendant
New Arrival Coming Soon - ChanTee's Studio
New Arrival Coming Soon - ChanTee's Studio
New Arrival Coming Soon - ChanTee's Studio
Shree Yantra Copper Charm

“The Sri Yantra Pendant makes me feel much more relaxed and grounded.”


Copper Pyramid with Sri Yantra

“The pyramid is a meaningful ornament for my home that gives me a serene feeling, and helps me sleep better at night.”


New Arrival Coming Soon - ChanTee's Studio

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


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