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Yantra Pyramid

Copper pyramid on wooden base with activated Sri Yantra – Handmade light tool.

Copper Yantra Pyramid

Yantra Pyramids are powerful light tools for your home, office, or any space where you want to direct upward energy.

They combine two ancient energy devices – the Pyramid & Sri Yantra – that have a history of millennia in raising vibrations and consciousness to the highest levels.

Copper Pyramid with Sri Yantra

“The pyramid is a meaningful ornament for my home that gives me a serene feeling, and helps me sleep better at night.”


All to know about the Yantra Pyramid

Explore everything about the handmade copper pyramid right here! Whether you’re thinking about buying one or already own yours.

Find all you need to know about its materials, benefits, usage tips, and captivating backstory, from the secrets of pyramids to the power of copper and the symbolism of the Sri Yantra, all in one place.

We are here to revive your energy with cosmic pyramid power!

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Pyramid Moodboard Energy
Copper Yantra Pyramid handmade
Material and Size

The Yantra Pyramid is crafted by hand in the Tatra Mountain region, using copper for its frame and energy, complemented by a wooden base with a Sri Yantra plate.

Shri YantraThe copper pyramids are carefully crafted to perfection, polished, and lacquered to prevent tarnishing
Shri YantraThe pyramid is removable and rests in grooves on the wooden base
Shri YantraActivated handmade copper Shree Yantra plate
Shri YantraThe wood is made of birch
Shri YantraWater-based stain & lacquer are used for color of wood and protection of device
Shree Yantra

Amplifying energy: Yantra Pyramids generate negative ions that have beneficial effects on the body. They can amplify and direct positive energy, chi, or prana, leading to better sleep, healing, and protection.

Reducing electromagnetic radiation: It’s believed that the pyramid’s design helps to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices like computers, phones, and Wi-Fi.

Preservation of organic material: Food stored under a pyramid remains fresh for 2-3 times longer than uncovered food. Natural flavors improve while chemical flavors are reduced. Seeds will also have increased germination and better plant health.

Healing Crystals Benefits
Shree Yantra
Usage Tips

Below are a few suggestions on how to use this powerful double-
generator device:

Place your copper Yantra Pyramid in different areas of your home to help correct blocked chi that may be affecting relationships, prosperity, and health according to Feng Shui. The Shree Yantra, a powerful tool in Vedic Vastu, corrects imbalances in your home and brings in positive vibrations and energy. Combined with “pyramid power,” you get a superior energy tool.

Crystals, tumble stones, gemstone jewelry, and your Sri Yantra pendant are cleansed & recharged for better healing. Tired crystals are rejuvenated and glow with new life. Place your pieces in the pyramid on the yantra. It’s best to leave them overnight to restore their energy, but at least an hour will do to revitalize them. For even more power, add a clear quartz.

The vibrational quality of essential oils, flower essences, massage oils, herbs, fragrances, supplements, and other substances will be significantly enhanced when placed in the copper pyramid on top of the Sri Yantra.

When water is left within the pyramid for a few hours or overnight, it becomes charged, transforming in texture and developing a smoother taste. This revitalized water can be used as a tonic for overall wellbeing, applied as a skin rinse for cuts, rashes, and insect bites, and even utilized for watering plants.

Fruits and vegetables get charged with life force prana if placed in a copper pyramid, which enhances their flavor profile. Foods become less bitter, improve natural flavors, decrease chemical tastes, and have an extended shelf life. Just give this a try with coffee, raw cacao, or tea.

Seeds placed in the Yantra Pyramid experience increased germination and plant health, and more nutritious sprouts. While plant cuttings root more vigorously. Afterward, you can make your own copper antennas as an extra boost to improve soil fertility for the healthy growth of herbs & plants.

Other suggestions include charging salt and spices, vitamins, colloidal silver, castor oil, soap nut berries, scented candles, Palo Santo sticks, Sri Yantra pendant, pendulums, and tarot oracle decks…

By definition, overnight is the minimum time needed to recharge and restore energy. Using a pendulum can help you define a time frame.

Yantra Pyramids serve as natural ionizers, improving air quality by removing impurities and contaminants with the help of negatively charged ions. Negative ions have been associated with various health benefits, including improved mood, increased energy levels, and enhanced overall wellbeing. Position them in areas of your home where you feel upward energy is needed.

The copper Yantra Pyramid can be placed in various areas of the home to neutralize the negative effects of geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution from computers, Wi-Fi, televisions, microwaves, cell phones, and all other forms of radiation.

Shree Yantra