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Is the human brain overrated?

Overrated Human Brain Antrophic

Yes and no… The brain is as complex as many other components within the human body.

It’s ingeniously designed to make the body function. Also, to possess cognitive abilities and processes via the mind.

In that regard, several things tend to go wrong, which is why I feel that the brain is overrated in that aspect

Now, let’s take a closer look at this, shall we?


Before we begin, let’s clarify some contextual language around the brain, mind, soul, and spirit based on my sense of perceiving.


The brain is a physical organ in the skull composed of billions of neurons and supporting cells. It serves as a central hub for processing information, regulating body functions, controlling movement, and memory. It’s a part of the head.


The mind is often associated with complex cognitive processes such as thinking, reasoning, and perception. It includes consciousness, emotions, and mental activities. It’s a part of the brain.

Shri YantraConclusion: The brain is a tangible organ, the mind is considered more abstract and includes subjective experiences and mental states. In essence, the brain is the physical foundation that gives rise to the activities of the mind.


The soul is often considered the essence or core of a human being’s being. It is usually seen as immortal and eternal, separate from the physical body, and capable of existing after death. The soul is associated with qualities such as individuality, consciousness, and inner essence.


The spirit is often regarded as a more dynamic and transcendent aspect of human existence. It may encompass qualities like vitality, energy, and connection to the divine or universal consciousness. The spirit is sometimes seen as the animating force that gives life to the body and consciousness to the mind.

Shri YantraConclusion: The soul is associated with individual essence and immortality, while the spirit is often perceived as more expansive and interconnected with the broader cosmos.

Although these terms – brain & mind and soul & spirit – are often used interchangeably or in combination, they can also have different meanings, this depends on context and your sense of interpretation.

Overrated Human Brain Mental Health

Brain & Mind

We wouldn’t exist without our brain, it regulates and steers our body, which makes it a remarkable organ. The brain is also the last organ that stops functioning when we die.

Did you know that the body takes 72 hours to return to its source after death?

This means that during the 72 hours following death, the human body should remain undisturbed—no autopsies, organ removal, or burial/cremation.

During this time, there are still neurons left that are firing and remnants of oxygen in the brain. And the spirit and soul need this time to leave the body.

So no, the brain is absolutely NOT overrated that way.

Brain vs Mind


That the brain is indeed overrated is the reason we give it far too much authority and control. Most of us let the brain run the show and are unaware of the power it has over you.

This isn’t your fault. However, if you are aware of this you can start doing things differently and make better choices.

Here’s the thing. Whether you like to hear it or not, we are massively controlled, influenced, programmed, and suppressed.

It’s called government.

Govern ment
ment = mind
So govern the mind!

Meaning: by controlling information your perception will be controlled.

Have you ever wondered why there’s compulsory education? It’s because the brain and mind need to be trained to run the show.

You are so powerful when you are in the center of your being that you would never obey to what’s unnatural. And the created laws and systems we have grown up in are unnatural.

It has nothing to do with nature or our true nature. Nature has its own rules that would work perfectly were it not for the fact that we have come to believe otherwise.

“The whole universe is one bright pearl, and there is no need to understand it.”

~ Scott Frost

Have you ever come across the phrase: ‘You are not broken?’


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