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What’s a human Being?

What's a Human Being Human Essence

As human beings, you would think we know what it means to be a human being, right? But from what I see, many people seem to be unaware more often than not.

Even with the knowledge we have, it’s just scratching the surface. Pretty fascinating, huh?

I don’t know about you, but for me, it helps if I can make things a little more tangible. So let’s explore…

Body & Spirit

What I’ve found is that many people live mostly in their human part or if not too much in their head, while some are deeply spiritually connected and ‘forget’ to be human.

The beauty of the English language is that it has two words for mankind, namely human beings, which covers the full spectrum of being human so wonderfully.

You see that ‘Human’ is connected to the body and ‘Being’ to the spirit.

Your spirit wants to be here to experience this earthly realm, and to do so, it needs a physical form – the body.

And what holds the two together?

What's a Human Being Essence of Life


The heart is the bridge between the spirit and body.

It’s in the middle of your spiritual essence, between your soul and body, and the thing that connects you to yourself.

When the soul is out of sync with the heart and body, it can experience feelings of anxiety or depression because of the separation of your spirit from your body.

Your body panics and your spirit panics and as a result, the heart is unable to hold them together.

This is why we can feel confused, unsettled, and disconnected and if we are in this separated state for too long we become unbalanced. And often this leads to living from the head.

Sometimes to such an extent that we no longer have a notion of it, which also means we don’t know how to reconnect with ourselves.

5 Reason why you get out of sync


So as your spirit wants to be here, it wants to be embodied and experience yourself in the here and now in the body. Not from your limited brain-computer.

Why do I call it the brain-computer?

I strongly believe we aren’t using our brains in the right way. Giving them too much authority and control.

One of the most detrimental aspects of the brain is that it is easy to program, much like a computer. And in a world that’s not entirely pure, we suffer from this as we are very much under the influence of control.

Find terminology about brain, mind, soul, & spirit here,

Your soul tries to communicate with you in various ways – gut feeling, instinct, downloads & dreams – but never through your brain.

The brain simply serves as a translation tool for those hunches, nudges, and whispers from your spirit.

It’s when you open yourself up to your body, quiet your mind, and tune into your heart that you can ‘hear’ these messages and access your inner wisdom.

Moreover, the brain has limitations in fully experiencing life’s spectrum. The true language we engage in is energy, frequency, and vibration, which can only be sensed through your body.

Sadhguru says, “Only a Human is a Being, which means you have the capacity to be the way you want to Be.”

Have you ever come across the phrase: ‘You are not broken?’

That’s because the spirit is your core self, perfect and incapable of being broken, corrupted, or changed in any way because it’s literally a piece of life source within you.

Your heart is how you connect with the world and your body is the way you move through the world.

This awareness allows you to experience life from a completely different state and tap into the endless potential and possibilities inherent in the existence of the Human Being.

As you ponder these words, I invite you to share what flows through your being. How is this landing on you? Let’s spark a heartfelt conversation in the comments below.

Much Love,


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